Loop Goran Andersson 2 weight.

twigwater, gear, reviews, Loop, 2 weight,small stream, fly fishing

I don’t think they’ll have me in the #LoopArmy because no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get a good selfie holding a fish while balancing a rod & reel across my back like all the Loop guys do on social media.

Maybe you get that in basic training ?

Despite my lack of military precision, my friend Grant at Loop Aust/NZ. took pity and sent over one of the Goran Andresson 8’8 #2 Signature series rod and an Opti ‘Creek’ reel to practice with for a couple weeks.

I had a few casts with one of these while shooting the story on Ogilvie’s Creek with rod-over-the-shoulder master Joshua Hutchins a while back and was impressed with it over the open water up on the meadow, but how would it go in the tight stuff of Northeast Victoria ?

twigwater, gear, reviews, Loop, 2 weight,small stream, fly fishing

A fat little small stream brown trout.

The first test, as always, is lawn casting to match line to rod before taking it out on the water.

Being 8’8 the Loop is at the long end of available 2 weights and has a user friendly medium action that seemed to work well enough with any line I tested.

My favourite 2 weight line, the RIO LL double taper, would be first choice for chucking tiny dries over fussy fish on big water.

However, because of the rods heft, I ended up fishing it with a RIO Perception in WF #3 that worked the blank well for the in-close stuff that’s more common in my fishing yet still capable of belting the full 80 feet out of the tip.

Loop say this series of rods are “easy-to-cast and meant for all fly fishers, but will at the same time give the technically competent caster the ability to push the envelop” so to give the rod a proper work-out and put them to the test, I put it in the hands of a friend who’s fairly new to fly fishing and we headed off to one of the larger, tougher streams I know.

twigwater, gear, reviews, Loop, 2 weight,small stream, fly fishing

Ash finds some space in the trees to swing the big Loop.

Though Ash is new, he loved the Loop straight away and as they day progressed made increasingly more accurate casts and caught more fish. Clearly then, the rod’s forgiving nature makes it well suited to people new to light rods.

As a tougher test, I handed the rod to veteran shit-fight-creek angler Al MacB and we headed for the hills to our favourite overgrown, nasty little stream. His first impressions were that the rod roll cast extremely well and was also excellent for bow and arrow casts, but that it was a bit long for the really tight water we both regularly fish with sub 8 foot rods. That didn’t stop him from catching 6 nice little browns in the first, very tangled 20 meters of stream however.

twigwater, gear, reviews, Loop, 2 weight,small stream, fly fishing

Al swinging the Loop in the real tight stuff.

My feelings echo Al’s for the most part and I found the big 2 weight a great bit of gear everywhere except for really small, overgrown water where it’s length makes it harder to accurately manoeuvre than a 7 footer.

On bigger streams or rivers the reverse is true and long casts and big mends are easy thanks to the extra length and this is where I think the rod is at it’s best and hard to beat.

twigwater, gear, reviews, Loop, 2 weight,small stream, fly fishing

A dark little Northeastern Victorian brown trout out from the snags.

The rod has a tidy matt finish with alignment dots on the ferrules and a very cool triangular reel seat. It comes in an aluminium tube and cloth rod bag.

The retail price in Australia is $1249.oo

The very modern looking 3.4 inch/85mm Opti Creek reel they sent is also a good bit of gear and balanced the big rod well with the 3 weight line. It’s very well made and has a infinitely variable drag that’s very smooth.

They retail in Australia at $749.oo

For more information on the rod and the reel, check the Loop Aust/Nz website here:

See all our fly gear reviews here:


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  • barry says:

    At 8′ 8″ in 2w this would make an almost perfect mini Single Handed Spey rod, and therefore ideal for super tight locations, couple this to an 2 or 3w D/T line, and your fishing where you dreamed you couldn’t

  • Leigh Owen (LO) says:

    8′ 3wt (IM8) made by Tony Hick of “One At A Time” out of Sydney, is my weapon of choice on those tight head waters and streams. You don’t always have the opportunity of a delicate controlled landing surrounded by fallen trees, blackberries and an unstable river bottom. I’m a little south of you the other side of Eldon where everything spooks the fish!

  • Peter Elks says:

    I love fishing this rod and agree with David’s thoughts for suitability on fishing on medium and large streams as it enables fishing light lines to quite large fish without compromising a healthy release and I don’t know of any other rod that offers this feature in a two weight category.The pressure able to be exerted on fish with this rod is amazing and yet the tip still remains as shock absorbent as a good cane rod.Of further interest and uniqueness is that most modern composite rods that load low frequently do not unload cleanly at the tip but this rod does ,which then enables a full rod load to pleasantly deliver casts at all distances when fishing dries,wets and even two nymphs with indicator.My favourite lines are either the loop opti creek in three weight for underhand or overhand casts and or a teeny lafontaine professional series line in three weight overhand casts.As good fish worldwide become more educated We can only either fish in low light or fish with lighter fly lines to increase our joy factor and this rod delivers exactly that.Gorans rods are awesome and one not to be overlooked also for Nz and Aus is the 9’4″ 4 weight in the Goran lineup.

  • Anthony says:

    Just took this little beauty for a fish on the Thredbo. This could be my new 4wt! Hold on? It’s a 2wt!!

    • David says:

      I fished it as a 3 weight and that’s where I thought it was the best balanced.
      No doubt a 4 weight line, if it wasn’t to aggressive would be OK as well.

      • Anthony says:

        I’m just saying that it does everything that a 4 weight does, just in a lighter package. what I should have said It could pretty much replace my 4 weight. I fished it with the Loop line that was on the reel that you posted to us at High Country outfitters, Im assuming it was 2 weight Optistream?

        • David says:

          I’m not real (haha) familiar with the Loop reel models Ant.
          I think it’s the lightest of the Opti series and a 2/3/4.
          The Goran 2 weight is a solid rod and needs a bigger reel down the back so the one they sent balanced very well.

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