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C&F CFCT-25577 fly box- brilliant.

It’s probably boredom as much as anything, this constant tinkering with fly boxes or maybe it’s another of fly fishings hideous and incurable man-flu like deceases ? Either way, I’ve tried everything, but still find myself constantly looking for something new in the fly containment and management channel if you’ll please excuse the flash corporate speak. The latest, in a long long line – my new C&F CFCT-25577, is looking very promising. It’s three ‘pages’ of C&F’s excellent slotted foam in a medium sized waterproof box and easily fits into a vest so crowded with photo gear there’s hardly room for tackle anymore. Being realistic (for a change) it’s got more than enough room for a full, season wide and comprehensive selection of trout flies for small water and thanks to the foam it’s easy to chop & change a little for each specific trip or season.

If you’re not familiar with it, the C&F slotted foam is tough and I’ve been customising other fly boxes with the stuff since it’s first release without any problems or signs of wear.  The slots are certainly a better option than sticking flies in flat foam and dulling the hooks and even in the larger boxes, with heavier flies, have never looked like letting go.

At $69. (au) the C&F sits somewhere between the cheap seats and a Wheatley fly box and in my opinion is good value given the proven longevity and good design of C&F gear.

It’s worth mentioning that unlike a lot of boxes, this C&F is water proof and has a rubber seal around the opening.

The latch mechanism is best case and I can say this with 100% confidence, it will never fly open.

If there’s any limitations with this box it might be the number of really big flies (size 8+) that you can get in here as the box is designed around Size 10 or less trout flies.

As I don’t often use huge dries on the little water I fish most of the time, I’ve got a separate small Dewitt compartment box that I throw in my vest when the hoppers are on late in the season, but that’s another story..

Size: 157 x 106 x 41 mm


C&F Australia website.

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C&F fly box trout flies twigwater fly fishing


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