A South Island photo essay

In February this year I clocked up a decade of fishing in Southland. Over the years and with the growing familiarity it has somewhat become a second home. The beautiful valleys, wonderful people and the great variety of fishable water keeps me going back. At the end of each trip I leave with the knowledge that there is so much more to explore, to learn, to immerse myself in. If I was to write  a book some day about my fly fishing journey it would most certainly contain a chapter dedicated to Southland. I hope you enjoy some of the images I have created over my last couple of visits” ~ Tony, March 2017.


Fly Fishing New Zealand twigwater.com

Casting at the mega-pool, big fish live here.


Big South Island Brown Trout twigwater

A proper horse from the Oreti River.


South Island Scenery New Zealand twigwater.com

Perfect weather for a hike into a backcountry river.


Casting to a spotted trout in New Zealand

Chris in stalking mode as fish feed in a shallow run.


Brown trout on a nymph twigwater.com

This chunky brown took a tungsten nymph fished deep in fast water


Jim Jackman New Zealand trout twigwater.com

Jim decides a different fly might be required on an active but hard to fool fish.


New Zealand Brown Trout twigwater.com

Some of the Mataura River browns are striking looking fish


NZ backcountry lake New Zealand twigwater

Sometimes it’s nice to kick back and just take in the scenery.


Brown trout release South Island NZ twigwater

Watching them swim away is a great part of the pleasure


Small NZ Lake New Zealand twigwater.com

Searching a lake edge while waiting for a hatch


New Zealand Brown Trout

A typical Southland brown would be considered big most places.


fly selection New Zealand twigwater.com

Contemplating a fly change while a big brown cruises in a slow back water.


Alpine Lake New Zealand twigwater.com

Stunning surrounds at a backcountry lake


All photos: Tony Liparota

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