Abel Line Nippers.

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Abel line nippers.



My brother-in-law rolled up to my house a while back in his new Audi R8 and, being a petty sort of person, I immediately disliked him even more because of it. Of course, that didn’t stop me from telling him how cool his new car was, grabbing the keys before he could protest and flogging it for a half hour on some less trafficked local roads with no adult supervision.

What a car! Monster engine, kung-fu grip, neck-snapping, jaw-dropping acceleration and no room for the kids. Yep, it does everything a car is supposed to do in spades, but at more than five times the cost of my humble family 4×4, it’s way more than I need or could ever possibly afford for getting from A to B.

I’m telling you all this because that car reminds me of my not-so-humble Abel line nippers. Like the R8, they’re beautiful in both design and function and cost much more than the myriad of cheaper options available. Unlike the cheaper options, I also suspect they’re going to last and, like a cheap car, won’t depreciate, rust if dipped in saltwater or kill you in a crash.

The nippers themselves are, like everything Abel makes, very solid and feature replaceable blades should they ever wear out, though I don’t see that happening unless you regularly cut wire trace or do fencing with them.

There’s also a recessed needle for cleaning dodgy glued-over hook eyes. You can get them in thirteen different solid finishes and even some of Abel’s artistic fish designs if that’s your thing, or you absolutely must match them to your custom reel.

The cost (thanks for asking, sir) is a bargain at only around 1/3500th of the R8, or $79.95 (AUD) in standard black, but like the Audi can rise alarmingly if optioned up with a custom graphic or one of the tank-like Abel Zingers or jewelry like lanyards on offer.

What I like most about the nippers is the feeling they’re for life and will no doubt be doing their job brilliantly long after the bro’s car has been pensioned off at a big loss for the next new toy and I’m too old to fish.

From the Abel website

Designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA

Anodised aluminium construction

Replaceable jaws machined out of premium grade stainless steel

Saltwater resistant

Engineered to cut 7x – 100 lb mono and braid lines

2 year limited warrant on the jaws from purchase.

Weight apr. 20 grams. (.7 ounces)

Abel line nippers fly fishing twig water

A close-up of the needle.




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