Abel Zinger.

Abel Zinger and Leatherman Micra multitool.


I know there’s stuff out there that does the same job for less, but I don’t care. This does the same job, but with more class than Gatsby.

The Abel Zinger, like an Abel reel, is made in the USA from stainless steal and 6061-T651 aerospace-grade aluminium. It’s literally built like a tank, a beautiful, over-the-top tank.

In a way, it is overkill, but how many cheap zingers have you broken over the years?

For me, the answer is all of them that I didn’t lose first.

This one should last a lifetime and has no peers but at $85.oo (Au) you should expect that.

For attachment it comes with a small S-beaner and also a large, very solid screw-in pin on the back for locking the zinger onto a vest or bag through the fabric. It’s early days, but I can already tell this is going to be far stronger than one of the crappy pin-on types.

The cord is just under a meter in length and made of Spectra Nylon blend with forty pounds breaking strain, making this useful for more than just lightweight line clippers.

It’s not hard to imagine a lot of other uses for one of these, like keeping pliers safe out on the salt or even for work keys and swipe cards.

Assuming I can make peace with Santa, I’m going to ask for another Zinger for my photography work and use one to permanently clip my memory card wallet to my photo vest. After all, coming home from a shoot without any photos is very not cool.

The Zingers come in a range of Abel anodised colours and can also be ordered in the custom fish graphic finishes if that’s your thing or you want to match a particular reel.

More details from the Abel USA website.

Australian dealers:

Untamed Flies and Tackle.

Alpine Angler.


Abel Zinger parts.

The back of the zinger, screw in pin and S clip.


Abel Zinger used with Thinktank memory card wallet.

Abel Zinger used with Thinktank memory card wallet.


Abel Zinger and Leatherman Micra

Abel Zinger and the very useful Leatherman Micra multi tool.


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