C&F LCS-1 Lanyard

C&F LCS-1, lanyard, fly fishing, gear, review

If I didn’t have a Nikon D810 around my neck and a couple of spare lenses in my vest, I would have this thing in a shot!

A fantasy that dogs me: I’m not married to a woman with a heap of hyper children; I have a full head of hair and my other car is not a Volvo. I’m always free to just grab my rod and reel and this lanyard and head out the door for a brilliant day on the water untroubled by f-stops and all the gear associated with making them.

Back to reality?

The main part of this rig is the fly box and being C&F, it’s a little beauty with enough room for around 180 flies and also a large magnetic patch for quickly holding or drying flies when changing or even some last minute additions.

180 not enough ? You can use supplied velcro tabs to join an additional box.

There’s a secret-like compartment in the back that holds two small tippet spools out of the way with the ends fed through for easy access, though it needs to be said, only small spools fit.

The lanyard has several attachment points with swivel clips and can also accommodate larger things like tippet spool retainers, nippers, haemostats and floatant holders.

It can also be worn as just a simple, small chest pack if you don’t dig all the stuff jiggling around. The neck strap is also fully adjustable at the back for length and even has a net clip point.

A retaining clip that attaches to your shirt to stop the whole rig swinging around if you need to get athletic thanks to an affectionate snake or just you’re just bending down to release another fish, is a another nice touch.

Weight? No, at a hundred grams empty it’s lighter than a poet’s wallet.

C&F, LCS-1,Lanyard,review

Inside the C&F LCS-1.

Fantasies aside, this set-up could be all you need for small stream fishing with more than enough room for everything needed for a twigwater day. It’s also going to work well with a daypack full of f-stops or sitting over a rain jacket and in the hight of summer must surely be way cooler than a vest.

The retail price is around $85 in Australia.

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