C&F Lightweight Fly Boxes


C&F Lightweight Fly Boxes reviewed

The C&F Lightweight in Small and Super Small with #18 – #12 trout flies.

Apparently, Imelda Marcos left behind 1,220 pairs of shoes and a vast collection of clothes and accessories when she legged it from the Philippines with the President in 1986.

Seen in that light, maybe my obsession with fly boxes is quite restrained?

No? I didn’t think so either.

Unlike Imelda’s shoes, however, the design of C&F’s Lightweight fly boxes is all about function rather than flash value. They are, as named, extremely light, being made of little more than a foam core with a hard plastic cover. Inside is C&F’s excellent slotted foam or ‘Micro Slits’ that hold flies with a kung-fu grip that would make your old G.I. Joe proud.

C&F CFLW-S Lightweight small size fly box.

A CFLW-S is the small size with 6 rows a side.

The boxes are held closed with a simple unseen magnet set-up and the hinge is flat plastic that has apparently been tested for ten thousand cycles and held together.  Only time will validate that, of course, but C&F have a great track record with me on build quality and reliability so I’ll believe them.

The only downside to the three sizes I’ve tried here is getting my big fingers into the flies near the edges of the Super Small size—it’s a bit tight, but that’s the price you pay for true pocket size. On the upside, I bet the flies inside weigh more than the box.

I think these boxes are the answer if you would rather sort your flies for location and season into several boxes that get swapped around frequently.

C&F Lightweight fly box in medium.

The CFLS-MS is a medium size streamer or big dry box.

For example, I’ve now got a dedicated Woolly Bugger box (CFLW-MS) I can quickly throw in my pack or vest when I’m fishing the big rivers or a lake, and I’m organising another smaller box for nymphs & Glow Bugs specific to the end of season runs and spring.

(There’s a distinct possibility this will get out of hand.)

Of course, if one box is the aim, but 500 to 900 -ish flies the reality, the Large with centre page has you covered.

Another one box option is the C&F CFCT-25577 I reviewed here:

There are ten boxes in three sizes available that hold between one hundred and fifty to nine hundred trout-sized flies in total.

Some models have a centre page with additional foam rows as well as those in the front and back.

They cost between $39 and $75 in Australia.

The sizes are:

Super Small 108x 75 x 26mm

Small 124 x 90 x 26mm

Medium 150 x 90 x 33

Large 194 x 114 x 33


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C&F Lightweight fly box review

Super Small, Medium and Small C&F Lightweight fly boxes.


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