Costa 580G Sunnies.

Costa Del Mar twigwater fly fishing sun glasses

Costa Del Mar 580 G’s in the ‘Fisch’ frame.


Though not really unhappy with any of the polarised fishing glasses I have, the need to get something in a prescription lens for distance vision has had me looking around at what’s new.

An admission – besides average eyesight, I also have a big head and generally, my fishing sunnies squeeze me to the point of a head ache on a long day so I’m also hoping to address proper fit in a new pair.

Tassie guides and fly shop owners Simone & Daniel Hackett, assure me that the Costa ‘Fisch’ frames, apparently named after another poor bugger with a mega melon, will fit me perfectly and not slide around thanks to some sticky, unpronounceable voodoo in the frame material.

Daniel uses the 580G’s in a green mirror lens in his guiding and offers to send me a pair to try before making the big money commitment to a prescription pair. It’s an offer to good to knock back.

Putting them on for the first time is almost unsettling, but on the drive to the Mitta Mitta river I’m soon very impressed with the clarity, lack of distortion and colour separation from the Costa’s . If nothing else, I can already highly recommend them for driving.

For glasses that only pass ten percent of the light, the Costa 580G’s, in the green mirror lens are amazingly bright and contrasty and the colour intensity is just plain other worldly.

The lack of weight is also amazing given the lenses are glass and I even double checked the box to make sure I wasn’t accidentally sent the plastic lens version. (580P)

The light weight alone, is already one of the biggest changes from my current porky polaroids.

On the river, transitions from heavy shade to bright sun common in the heavily forested North East Victorian waters I now haunt are no problem and thoughts of a separate pair for low light are soon dismissed as both financially unrealistic and unnecessary on all but the darkest day.

These are easily the most comfortable glasses I’ve had for fishing thanks to the extra big fit and they don’t move around on my face or slide down my nose even when it’s hot & sticky on the river – whatever the arms and nose pad are made of – it works.

Costa plenty ?

At over three hundred dollars you bet, and there would be plenty out there on the market that do a good enough job for less, particularly in plastic lenses, but plastic just doesn’t cut it compared to glass in my opinion even if the quality gap has closed substantially in recent years.  A well made glass lens is worth the extra money.

Of course, in prescription, the price is at least double that again so I will have to limit myself to one lens type if I’m to remain married and after a conversation with Sydney guide Justin Duggan I feel confident the green mirror lenses will also go well for inshore saltwater fishing should I ever get there again.

If the green isn’t your thing, or you’re after something specifically for blue water there’s a range of tints available in the 580G and also many frames to choose from. Have a look at them at:

Costa Del Mar Australia website.

Riverfly 1864 shop & Daniel Hackett guiding.

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The fish won’t know where you’re looking.