Fishpond Lodgepole Satchel

Twigwater Fishpond Lodgepole Satchel review


Ok, I admit it, if they made tweed in tall sizes I would wear it everywhere and all the time even under my waders. And yes, with matching cap.

The Fishpond Lodgepole Satchel has that tweedy sort of vibe because it’s made of heavy cotton canvas as opposed to some sort of plastic fantastic fabric made of recycled vegan hipsters and nylon coke bottles or whatever.

Twigwater Fishpond Lodgepole Satchel review

The bag sits comfortably behind you until it’s needed.


The Lodgepole Satchel is a messenger-style shoulder bag and fairly large at nine litres (550 cubic inches) inheritor space and dimensions of 355 x 127 x 292-mm (14” x 5” x 11.5”).

It easily holds a proper arsenal of trout tackle plus lunch, water and a rain jacket.

The shoulder strap is wide, adjustable for length and has a pad that can be moved to maximise comfort. There’s also a slim waist strap that can be removed if it’s not needed, though I find the bag much better out on the water with it because it makes it easy to position the bag behind you when fishing or around front when you’re changing rigs—much like a sling.

External storage includes a large, flat-zippered pocket on the back, a small-zippered pocket on one side and an open pocket on the other. Both sides have the Hypalon accessories tabs for gear attachment and a small handle arrangement.

Inside there’s one large, open and vividly orange main compartment with several thin dividers to separate fly boxes, et cetera, and a large zippered pocket for extra security.

Twigwater Fishpond Lodgepole Satchel review

The left side has a slip pocket and tool clip.

Twigwater Fishpond Lodgepole Satchel review

The right side has a zippered pocket, tool clip and xxxx


Twigwater Fishpond Lodgepole Satchel review

The back has a large, flat zippered pocket and a removable waist strap.

Twigwater Fishpond Lodgepole Satchel review

Inside view – Clockwork Orange ?

Fishpond have kept the look simple and old-school, but the design of the Satchel is quite modern and it’s functionality first-class. As vest-free options go, this one holds everything a bulging vest will.

It’s the vest-free option for someone who’s too much of tackle tart to get away with small pack like the Vedavoo Sling or C&F lanyard that I previously reviewed.

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Outside of fishing, it’s also a great general purpose shoulder bag and I now also use the Satchel as a camera bag when travelling and I don’t want to look like I’m carrying cameras. At $99.00 (US) it doesn’t cost like it’s carrying cameras either.

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