HCE Hyperspec 2/3 weight rod.

HCE Hyperspec fly rod review twigwater

Booty like Beyoncé is the first though that slithers casually around my mind on first cast of this rod.

Yes, this thing has some easily accessible and serious grunt in the trunk.

At the same time it manages a subtle tip and, amazingly, it does it all with a 2 or a 3 weight line. What sort of Voodoo is this?

According to Tony at HCE custom rods –

“The Hyper Spec blanks have been developed & tested by the HCE design team to create a unique blank that we see as the ultimate in versatile fly rods.

When we set out to design our dual weight fly rod, foremost in our minds was the challenge to get these rods to cast as equally well in both their designated line classes i.e. a 5/6 rod had to cast 5 like a 5 and a 6 like a 6. Not an easy task.

However, that is what we have achieved! Through the careful use of different modulus top quality graphite in a high tech blending process we have a fast blank that loads progressively according to grain weight through the tip.”

Small stream fly fishing twigwater

Looking for fish in the mid-section of the next pool.

I did my park casting tests with a bunch of 2 and 3 weight lines and even ran a lighter wf#4 through the Hyper Spec to see what would happen.

All the lines worked well and at no time did the rod feel particularly over or under lined, though the 4 had it bent like FIFA.

To test the rod on the water I went up to Snowy Creek to a section I know where there’s a lot of long, straight and narrow pools that need some big casts as well as all the usual Northeast Victoria overgrown and tight stuff.

With my favoured light line, the WF #3 RIO Perception, the Hyper Spec belted out the long lines easy as a Sunday morning and was accurate in doing so.

Being 8 feet in length the rod is also fairly handy for mending and roll casting if there is enough room to swing it.

On the short stuff it does a credible job given the length, though won’t ever replace a shorter 2 or 3 weight for it.

Small stream fly fishing twigwater

Even though it’s loaded with booty, the Hyperspec 2/3 still does the little stuff.

So where would this rod fit in ?

Much like the big Loop 2 weight I recently tried, it’s probably more a rod for medium and up sized water than the tight stuff. It would however be a great option for ultra-light saltwater if specced accordingly.

I tested the Hyper Spec 2/3 in the ‘all-water’ build with a saltwater friendly reel seat. Though not much heavier than a traditional light rod reel seat, I felt my little Abel TR1 a little lost back there next to the fighting butt and that the rod would be more suited to a bigger, large arbor reel – particularly for saltwater work.

My own preference for this blank would be to build it with a standard size grip without a fighting butt and a simple, classy up-locking seat similar to the HCE Sage Circa tested previously.

HCE fly rod review on twigwater

The ‘all-water’ build is solid and saltwater friendly.

Price from AU$875 including aluminium rod tube, cloth bag and postage within Australia.

Like everything HCE make, you decide what you want and they make it happen.

Available in ‘all water’ builds in weights: 2/3wt, 3/4wt, 4/5wt, 5/6wt, 6/7wt, 7/8wt, 8/9wt.

And freshwater builds in weights: 2/3wt, 3/4wt, 4/5wt, 5/6wt.

HCE rods website:

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