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In design, the Open Air Caster doesn’t stray to far from what’s expected of a top-shelf fly fishing shirt with lots of vents, extensive mesh lining through the shoulders and back and an all American button down look that works as well around town as it does out on the river. What sets it apart are the details.

Orvis Open Air Caster Shirt Review

The Fabric, for example, is a polyester nylon blend that is unique with a very slight, almost orange peel texture that doesn’t get sticky when it’s seriously hot and also dries incredibly fast. 

I’ve also found, after several washes and wears now, that the shirt comes out of the dryer or off the line almost totally wrinkle free.

Next, the large pleated chest pockets close with a single button over a large flap sewn hard to the body of the shirt so even if you don’t do them up, things don’t fall out when you bend over to release a trophy trout or cry if you’ve busted one off.

I’ve found this very useful for swapping between my Coke bottle polaroids and my Coke bottle reading glasses.

With glasses in mind, there’s also a triangle of soft white lens cleaning fabric stitched inside the hem that’s great for a quick clean or wiping away a splash.

In fit, it is 100% American, and by that I mean when they say ‘large’, they mean large. Also, unlike almost everything else fishing clothing related on the market, Orvis make a tall size that ads an extra two inches in the sleeve and the body length. For me, this means I can get the large ‘tall’ size instead of having to get an XL, or even the 2XL to get even close to enough length in the sleeves and body. It’s a lot less like wearing a stumpy armed tent and a big plus for Orvis in my book.

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*I haven’t had this shirt long enough to comment on it’s potential life span, but, it’s obviously well made and has reinforcement in and around the collar, the pockets and all the button holes. I’ve also, because of the sizing, owned other Orvis clothing over the years and its all proved very hard wearing.

The Open Air Caster shirts are available in white, red, orange, sky blue, moss green and navy with the tall sizing available in Medium through to XXL.

*Update 11/2020

I’ve had a couple of these shirts for well over a year now and they’ve survived both the Northeast Victorian scrub and the washing machine very well.

Also, the original ‘Moss’ color -hipsters be damned – has been changed from bright green to a more subtle army green as is now called ‘Moss Green’.  

Open Air Casting Shirt Review Orvis

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