Sage ‘Little One’ 2 weight.

Sage 'Little One' 2 weight fly rod.


Thank you Peter Bloody Morse for sending me this rod to try just when I’d decided my 7’9 #3 Circa would see me sorted for North East Victorian twig water for the rest of my life. Ok, I forgive you.

On first wiggle, fresh out of the post and out in the yard, the Little One is nothing like I expected and nothing like my #3 and 5 weight Ones. I’m a fan of the One series for the raw ‘shut up for a minute Donald Trump’ power that Sage do so well, but on first reading about the new model was uncertain that thinking would translate into a good 2 weight small stream rod. In hindsight stressing about the action was wasted time given how sweet this thing is and Sages long history of separating me from my money with 2 weights.

I also assumed it might need a more aggressive line to bend. Wrong again.

Of the 3 lines I test cast, a new Rio LL in Dt2, Scientific Anglers XPS in wf2 and a S.A. wf2 GPX the LL feels the most at home, though all were generally pretty good indicating to me the rod isn’t going to be fussy about line.

There’s still power there of course, and the Little One maintained it’s dignity even when pushed hard and on longer casts with aggressive hauling.

Up close is of course the main game for a 2 weight and here it really shines being both dead accurate and a quality communicator that surpasses previous longer 2 weight Sage rods like the ZXL and SLT in feel at the same time and is also around 15% lighter and has more punch.

In the end, I managed two days out with the rod before guide Matt Tripet tried it and steadfastly refused to give it back. The first was on a reasonably open mid-sized Victorian high country stream that was running a bit high and cold with snow melt. I fished it with size 14 tungsten nymph, pinch of putty, long leader and a hefty wool Indicator rig and the rod did the job of lifting and re-casting everything admirably though It probably won’t do a lot of this sort of work normally.

Being a tad over 8 feet will make this, in my humble opinion, THE light Sage model for fishing little meadow streams or going ultra-light on bigger water and having that bit of grunt will make it even more so when the wind ultimately kicks up. However, the extra length might also make it a bit unwieldy on the tightest & nastiest of small streams where something shorter may preserve your sanity. I’m hoping my sanity will be saved with Sage answering my vaguely threatening emails and make me a sub 7 foot Circa !

Little One rods are all 4 piece, 8’2 and come in weights from #00 to #4.

The Sage Little one retails for around $1250 in Australia

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