The Little Thredbo

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I have two levels of tired, old and grumpy after a big day behind the lens. The first is an irritable indifference where I’m still reasonable company as long as you shut-up and the second is please pass me my trench coat, guns and foil hat.

After a couple of days lugging around all my camera gear complete with heavy duty tripod up and down the Thredbo River shooting a story for FlyLife Magazine with ever cheerful guide Matt Tripett, my tiredness was somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

Thankfully, the weather and fishing had been kind and we had a very good story and pictures in the bag to show for it.

Thing is, we still had a day to fish before I was expected home and Matt had to go back to work and a new Sage 2-weight that needed further testing.

We talked about some streams over hill and dale that might have been awesome, given how good the weather was but decided, since we were tired, that sometimes the stream at your feet is better than the one at the end of an epic walk.

Sage 2 weight Little One on twigwater

A beautiful brown on the dry.

The Little Thredbo was the closest stream and runs right through the Crackenback Resort grounds where Matt lives, before winding around towards the Thredbo Road and then up the mountain.

It’s slower and deeper water compared to a lot of Snowy Mountains small streams and runs through a mix of open meadow and patches of thin forest.

small stream fly fishing at twigwater

Matt putting a proper bend in the Sage 2-weight.

In summer, it’s textbook 2- or 3- weight dry fly water flowing over a weedy sand and gravel bed at a pace unlikely to frighten beginners, tired photographers or fly guides.

Being a tributary of the main river it gets a run of spawning rainbows in spring and browns in autumn as well.

twigwater small stream trout fishing on fly

Happy Matt ?

Outside of the runs, the fish are normally stream size browns with an occasional rainbow and numbers are fairly high. It’s reliable water.

Easy access is available at the Thredbo Valley bike and walking track at the end of the road through the resort and at the Alpine Way bridge.

Little Thredbo on twigwater

An accurate cast goes a long way on the Little Thredbo.

The stream is generally easy to both navigate and fish with the exception of some more ambitious and wild water above the road crossing. I haven’t been up there in 126 years, but remember it being pretty good fishing with a couple of shorter meadow sections featuring almost spring creek like weed growth with lots of pockets hiding feeding trout.

There is some nice overgrown boulder and bedrock sections as well that will test your casting and climbing skills at the same time.

Below the road, everything is pretty low maintenance and excellent water for beginners and a great spot for the kids as well.

Small stream fly fishing at

Dries hard against the bank are the first step.

Matt Tripett guides throughout the Snowy Mountains from his base at Crackenback Resort located between Jindabyne and the Thredbo Village on the Thredbo River.

He’s an excellent casting instructor as well.

You can hook-up with Matt on Facebook here –

Lake Crackenback Resort is top shelf and I’ve stayed here on several Snowy Mountains trips over the years and can’t recommend the place highly enough if you’re looking for good accommodation, food and drinks in great surrounds.

The Lakeside units are particularly well suited to groups of anglers or family trips and there’s great fishing on the property in both the long frontage to the Thredbo River and the lake the units surround.

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