The Upper Manning River.

Rainbow trout at Gummi Falls.

At it’s beginnings in the northern end of the Barrington Tops National Park, the Manning river is a fine small trout stream in a beautiful environment. In it’s lower reaches it’s some of the best bass water on the east coasts well.

The drive up the western slopes from Scone to the top of the plateau is one of the best in New South Wales for scenery in my opinion and the run up from the east has it’s moments as well.

There’s great camping facilities in the park and the roads are generally good, but can get rough after bad weather.

The few 4×4 tracks in the park, if open,  should be treated with respect in the wet as the basalt soils are as slippery as well greased young goat after even a little rain and go from mild to wild in the blink of an eye.

Accessing the twig water at the top of the river is easy from the Gummi Falls camping area or the road bridge further down stream.


Fly fishing the Manning river.

Andrew Coombe makes a long cast to the head of a pool near Gummi Falls.


Fishing and wading the stream is generally easy on the plateau, but there are sections of thick bush on the northern slopes and fishing can require a lot of commitment to get the rewards. Also, for what it’s worth, I think there’s more leaches on the plateau then all the rest of Australia combined. At times they’re carry you away and suck you dry thick making this a great place to wear full waders even in the heat of summer.

Fishing wise, the last few seasons have been tough in the Tops thanks to low rainfall, but these streams are resilient and fingers crossed, a couple wet winters should see them bounce back to their best.


Fly fishing the Manning river.

The water gets tight in places.


Tenkara fishing on the upper Manning river.

Andrew having a crack at Tenkara above the road bridge.


Gummi Falls, Barrington National Park.

Another small fish on at Gummi Falls.


Andrew Combe on the Manning River

A beautiful and dark little rainbow.


Trout fishing in the Barrington Tops

It’s well worth the effort to get a fly into the tough pools on the Manning.


Rainbow Trout.

A better fish from the hard water.


Manning River NSW

Into the rainforest for more fish and even more leeches.


twigwater fly fishing

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