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My best preparation for a fly fishing trip could best be described as chaos theory for idiots.

That is, I plan, plan and then plan some more only to ignore my plans on the day and just chuck all my gear in the back of the car, cross my toes and hope for the best.

The new Vedavoo Rod Quiver makes my rod collection, if nothing else, look like there’s some order in my life because I can carry all my favourite trout rods and then some from the home to the river without mucking around with individual rod tubes or handfuls of rod bags.

Vedavoo Rod Quiver rod tube review

The specs read that it will hold four 4-piece rods, up to ten feet in length, but I easily got six trout weight rods in mine by doubling up on some of the generously sized compartments and storing a couple of the less-likely to be used ones in their bags while my most regulars are easily accessed and stored as intended.

At a guess, I could probably shove a couple more in as well, though they might have to be outside the compartments and just rolled up in their rod bags. However they go in, ounce rolled and buckled, they won’t fall out.

Vedavoo Rod Quiver in Teal and Black

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Describing the way the Quiver works would be hard so I’ll lean on the photos to do the heavy lifting and simply say it is a large flat roll with a big, double sided flap with seperate compartments for two four piece rods on either side with a flap to keep everything in. it’s then rolled up and secured with three adjustable straps that buckle it up. There’s also long shoulder strap to make it easy to carry.


So, does it work ?

It’s oversize in some respects for my mostly small stream rated rods and, like my other Vedavoo gear heavily built, but for slinging a few rods around it’s a great bit of kit that makes me look far more organised than I actually am and makes storing, organising and using the rods very easy. Also, for what it’s worth – I think it looks great in my chosen colour scheme of black and teal.

Vedavoo Rod Quiver rod tube review

I guess the real question will be how well does it protect the rods ?

In short, I think sixteen or more lengths of graphite in various thickness rolled up tight between several layers of solid ballistic nylon with some impact foam on the outside, is more than likely going to handle bouncing around my truck or a boat or anything else between my house and the fish without a problem. That said, just like an Aluminium tube, I don’t think I’ll be driving my car over it to test it’s strength.

The only thing I have to compare it to is a cheap, homemade PVC pipe muti-rod tube with a screw cap that I built up many years ago that fit 4 or 5 rods in bags for trips to New Zealand. It’s obviously tough, but not much chop for sorting rods at the river and is a bit hillbilly hardcore.

Whatever their strength – the quiver or my crappy old PVC tube – I would hope we could agree that half a dozen aluminium rod tubes together is a pain no matter what’s happening.

Interior of Vedavoo Rod Quiver

Like everything I’ve seen from Vedavoo, this is great design, well thought out, hand made in the USA and very different from everything else in fly fishing. It’s unique and for life.

Vedavoo stuff can easily be custom ordered and they offer a large range of colour combinations through their range should you choose to brighten things up or want a matched set of gear.

The Quiver is $199.00 (US) through

Dimensions: 84 x 28 x 5 (33” x 11” x 2”) flat and 84 (33”) long and 12 – 16 (5-6”) thick when rolled.

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