Vedavoo Spinner daypack

Vedavoo Spinner daypack Thumb.

Just now realised I’ve had this pack for a few years and never given it a second thought. That’s a good thing. No complaints, issues or annoyances with size, fit or function while fishing. That’s also a rare thing because despite the vast numbers of packs available for the fly-fisher, few seem to have really nailed it in terms of form and function.

The Spinner gets grabbed when I’m fishing without a lot of camera gear or travelling light in general. I also really like to use it without a vest whenever that’s possible. The size is perfect for a day trip as the name would suggest and it easily has enough room for water, lunch, a jacket and a few photo bits and pieces.

In terms of fit, the harness arrangement is a fairly simple affair that never rubs and the pack can be made to sit very comfortably at the top of my back well above the water line. There’s no waist belt as such and while that keeps the weight down and adds to the simplicity, it takes away the option of shifting the pack’s weight from your shoulders to your hips or vice versa. However, this isn’t an issue if the weight is kept to normal levels.

The best feature of the Spinner, and the thing that really sets it apart from a lot of other packs (fly-fishing or other), is the solid construction and high build quality. This thing is a tank. The fabric is 1000D nylon and all the straps and hardware are also heavy-duty. Maybe that’s overkill for a small pack, but I can’t find a scratch on mine and it’s been dragged through some epic, nasty little creeks for several seasons now and even spent some hard time as a school pack for my eldest son.

Vedavoo was founded by Scott Hunter in 2009 in a garage with 70’s sewing gear bought second hand on Craigslist. All his products are hand made in the US from American fabrics and hardwear. The quality and functionality are outstanding.

The Spinner daypack is $149.oo (US) and, according to the website, a redesign/new model is coming soon.

Buy one direct from Vedavoo here.

Vedavoo also make some excellent looking slings and other accessories that are well worth a look.

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Vedavoo Spinner daypack.

Vedavoo Spinner daypack with the outer pocket removed.