Vedavoo Tightlines Sling.

twigwater, Vedavoo, tightlines, sling, pack, fly fishing, small stream

As I write this it’s 105 degrees in the old money and I’m at home on the sofa murdering beers with the AC cranked. Yes, it’s way too hot to fish and a good time to ponder alternatives to the traditional, though somewhat warm fishing vest.

The Vedavoo Tightlines deluxe sling seems like a good place to start.

The sling has a main pocket with two stretch stash pockets on the sides, a small zippered pocket and a tuck pocket on the front with two small loop tabs for attaching tools, et cetera. Behind the gear pouch is a velcro closure pocket ideal for thin items, leaders, strike indicators or even a thin fly box.

On the strap, there’s another zippered pocket and a very solid tool bar strip with seven attachment points for floatant, nippers, tippet spool retainers, et cetera.

For a little extra, you can order very useful small ’S’ Biner’s from Vedavoo that make fixing accessories to the sling very easy.

I’ve reviewed the $139.00 Deluxe version here, but there is a simpler version without the small zipper pocket on the front of the sling and no side stash pockets that’s $109.oo as well as a $149.oo jumbo ‘Beast’ version and even an $89.oo mini version.

The Slings can be ordered in twelve colours and there’s a fairly extensive range of ‘ARC’ accessories including wool fly patches, a pliers sheath and a tippet spool retainer.

In terms of size, the Tightlines sling should be considered minimalist as there’s really only room for a couple of fly boxes, basic tackle and tools. A big lunch, a jacket or water would need to be carried elsewhere. That said, it will easily carry everything you really need for small stream fishing and might be a good option for lightening up your load.

In terms of toughness, form, function and design the Tighlines sling can be considered Ronda Rousey.

Tony, who owns the sling reviewed here, combines his with a waterproof Patagonia waist pack and a Camelback water bladder and that seems a pretty good, flexible set-up to me.

twigwater, Vedavoo, tightlines, sling, pack, fly fishing, small stream

Tony’s cet up with the Tighlines Sling, Camelback and waterproof waist pack for camera gear.


twigwater, Vedavoo, tightlines, sling, pack, fly fishing, small stream

The very solid tool attachment points and ‘S’ biners.


Buckland River with Tony Liporta 11/15

The top quality and very solid hardware on the Vedavoo.


Vedavoo was founded by Scott Hunter in 2009 in a garage with 70s sewing gear bought second hand on Craigslist. All his products are hand made in the US from American fabrics and hardware. The quality and functionality of everything they make is outstanding and should last a lifetime. Besides the Slings, Vedavoo make great packs and boat bags amongst heaps of other cool stuff and I love their work.

Have a look at the Vedavoo website:

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